the Christmas tree comes home

in the stand

starting material-2

lights and garland


Christmas cheer-2

finished product-1

finished product-3

I have a small appetite for Christmas tree ornaments, but this is just pathetic.


UPDATE: Commentor "Me" at NinaCamic wrote this:

my mother wrote an article for the washington post one year about how she loved christmas trees lit by candles

a german woman looked up my mom and told her that her tree was lit by candles

we drove pretty far on a cold night

the drapes were drawn because lighting your tree with candles must be a crime of some sort

kinda felt like we were part of the underground railroad or smuggling jews in poland during world war ii

the tree was more gentle than stunning

the candles sat on little candle holders

and dimly lit the tree

That bolded part reminded me about the time I visited a friend in Anchorage, AK for Christmas. We drove out of town in the middle of the night to get a Christmas tree, pulled off the road, sawed one down, hauled it back to the car, and got locked out by the puppies who, happy to see us, jumped up and down against the door and (presumably) inadvertantly locked us out.

We had to break a window to get back in the car. After driving home in the freezing December Alaska cold, we decorated the tree and Diana insisted we use candles. It was beautiful but really not something I'd do in my own home.

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