What's for dinner.

Sunset Magazine, November 2005, page 100

This recipe in the November Sunset looks tasty. (I love Sunset.) It's a chorizo cornbread stuffing with butternut squash.

My honey's a vegetarian, so I'm substituting Boca vegetarian sausage for chorizo:

vegetarian sausage

Here's the cornbread, a-baking:


Here's the butternut squash (cooked in hot water w/ brown sugar):


Cilantro and sage:

cilantro, sage

And my favorite part--mushrooms, red bell pepper, onion, and fennel head cooked together with butter:

fennel, onion, pepper

And here is everything but the cornbread all mixed together:

everything but the cornbread

When the cornbread finished, I broke it in to cubes and dropped them into a mixture of vegetable broth and two beaten eggs. Then I combined everything and put it in the oven to bake.

after baking a little bit

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