I had funny dreams about Tom Cruise and Sandra Bernhard last night.

In the Tom Cruise one, Tom and I went to the neighborhood Chinese video store to rent a movie (no such thing in my neighborhood) and Tom noticed that all of the movies in the Tom Cruise section were pirate copies. (And they were all videos too; no DVDs.) He was upset and scanned images of the pirated tapes into his Treo and messaged them to his agent/atty to deal with.

In the other dream, Sandra Bernhard came to live with me because she couldn't find work in L.A. anymore. She was moving to San Francisco to work at a psychic hotline. She returned to me an "antique folding mirror" that I had loaned her several years previously, and we sang Gladys Knight's "Midnight Train to Georgia" together like they did on Will and Grace. I played Grace's part.

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