"Jeff and Katie Hagan are never stuck wondering what's for dinner -- not with 80 pounds of beef in the freezer.

The San Francisco couple buy a quarter of a pastured steer at a time, frozen and neatly wrapped as roasts, steaks and burgers, plus oddball cuts never seen in an American supermarket -- ones they've learned the hard way whether to give a long braise or a fast sizzle."


My aunt just did this with some of her friends. They bought a steer (named him Sir Loin), grazed him for a year, and then shot him in the head* and divvied up the parts. I thought they did this as an investment and planned to sell the meat, but, no, (they think) they're going to eat it all. I don't see how. I haven't been invited over for dinner yet.

*She used a euphemism; they dropped him.

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