Happy Halloween!

We have two pumpkins this year.

My boyfriend carved this one:

This one's mine:

You know we have best candy.

(You knew that without me having to tell you, right?)

UPDATE: So far the costumes are boring and not cute. The kids are more courteous than last year tho'. Lots of "thank you" and such. My boyfriend has amusingly awkward interactions with the trick-or-treators. He says "Hello, how are you?" to each one. (He did this last year too, and I know doesn't like to be teased about it, but I can tell you because he doesn't read the blog.)

UPDATE: Still boring costumes. About half aren't even wearing costumes. And there have been no slutty little girl costumes I've been reading about. The bf reminds me the peak comes between 7:30 and 8, and it's only 6:40 right now. We're waiting for some friends to come over, then we're ordering pizza.

And I'm up to my usual lameness with the camera, but this one's cool. Plus, the 'rents complimented my plants.

And this one's cool too.

UPDATE: Updates suspended. I have to socialize now. More later.

Final update: We live a few blocks away from a little business district that apparently organized a *huuuge* Halloween party (we weren't invited), so this year was kind of a dud for us. We actually had to stand on our front steps to unload the candy.


Last year here. Due to better planning we have way better pumpkins this year. Oh, I made a comment about the plants in that planter:
What's growing in that planter? Purple lantana, a native Ceanothus ("Diamond Heights"), and a very young climbing hydrangea (hydrangea petiolaris).

The Ceanothus and lantana are still there, but the climbing hydrangea is long gone. That plant was a dud. I bought two more of better stock, but put them both in the backyard. It's too hot and sunny on my front steps for any hydrangea. And climbing hydrangea in a container? WTF was I thinking? I wasn't. I didn't know. I replaced it with a sturdy manzanita, Arctostaphylos rudis var. Vandenberg.


Anonymous said...

We bought Nestle Crunch bars, which we thought would pass muster with the kids but not be overly tempting to us.

At the last minute we decided to go out, so we left all the candy on the porch.

We visited some friends in a neighborhood where the houses go for more than twice what ours do, and those streets were crawling with trick-or-treaters. I ended up on door duty, and was disappointed to find that our friend had bought a Starburst-type candy instead of chocolates, and there wasn't much left.

I dispersed the last six candies to three girls who looked a little old to be out there, because I was totally one of them once, trick-or-treating well into junior high. I know I went out until I was at least 12, because I remember one year that me and Kris and Becky went as Rajneeshees.

So tonight I had no candy left for the cutest trick-or-treater. He was about 7, just with his dad. He looked like a kid out of a beginning Spanish-language textbook, in a picture of what a child in Spain might look like. He was so polite--when I told him there was no candy left, he told me thank you anyways. He is breaking my heart still, an hour later. I might even remember him tomorrow.

On the way home I guessed that all the candy would still be there, as did my husband. In fact, there were about six Crunch bars left. Kids came and took some, but not all. Sweet!

chuck b. said...

Excellent comment--thanks!