HTML visualizer for whoreticulture.

Very cool. I could get high and stare at this for...days.


Get your own here.

How do I get a screenshot of it? It doesn't seem to ever come to a conclusion with mine...it gets very slow. Does it need to stop before I can get a screenshot?


Christopher C. in Hawaii said...

Fun and amusing. I'll take a pass on the bong though.

Xris said...

Because it's a Java applet, the usual right-click > "Save Picture As..." doesn't work. I started taking a look at downloading the source code and hacking that up to maybe export the image, but I don't really have the time to follow it up.

If I figure out how, I'll post an update!

chuck b. said...

Yes, please. I'll stay tuned. (Although I should be able to figure it out for myself. I'm generally considered to be a technically proficient individual. Ha.)

Xris said...

Guess what! I figured it out. I just wrote it up on my blog.