Just heard at my house:

"What's this on the stove?"


"I think we could have a Running With Scissors movie about some strange person."

I was boiling decorative rocks to sterilize them before using them to dress a potted Amaryllis. I hate seeing soil in my houseplants--don't you? I last used those rocks to support a Paperwhite narcissus; I don't want some fungus to kill my Amaryllis bulb. I grew it from seed.


lisa said...

Not so strange...I just got done building a worm-composting bin in my livingroom...sawing wood, drilling plastic bins, etc. (As opposed to working on a Harley in the livingroom. ;) In the freezer are banana peels for the roses, and a dorm fridge is running exclusively for overwintering bulbs (as opposed to beer)...not strange at all!

chuck b. said...

Oooohh... I've had dorm fridges on my mind lately. We don't have enough room in the kitchen fridge for all my bulbs and seed germination experiments.