Repressed [Republican] sexuality: a 2006 trifecta.

Andrew Sullivan: "After compassion, there must be an accounting, and a deep one. In my view, the entire Christianist project that Haggard helped build must also be torn down. Christianity must be taken back from these power-grabbers and fear-mongers. Just as true conservatism must be rescued from this White House and Congress."

He's talking about the "massage"-getting, meth-buying Christian minister lately in the news.*

Compassion? Really? I should be compassionate? Sorry, I gave at the office. The jerk deserves all the shame and ridicule he gets. I pity his wife and I feel sorry for his kids, especially if they're not adults. I suppose that's compassion. It doesn't reach very far. Call me limited, but I think people need to toughen up.

I'm not religious and I don't want to be and yet I manage to treat people with the same decency and respect I would like in return. The message you get in this culture if you're an athiest agnostic is that it's impossible to live a moral life. Fuck that. Like living a moral life only becomes possible if you do believe in god. Whatever!

If I lied to my lover, bought meth from a prostitute massage therapist, and pretended to be something I wasn't, I personally know I would be wholly unable to accept any compassion when it all came crashing down. That's how it works in my moral universe.

*That's what the guy's admitted to; the allegations go farther. I don't disbelieve either party at this point.


Anonymous said...

Amen to that!

i had a co-worker the other day tell me he thinks i won't be married long because I am not religious.

I could only stare at him. Um, he was catholic and divorced. My husband and I are 'soul mates' have been for years, since the day we met. Finially (after the surprise of what he said just out of the blue wore off) I was able to tell him off. I told him using religion as a cruch was unacceptable for me. I don't do it. I'm accountable to ME for all my actions. I have a strong sence of morality...and I don't believe in god. I dont go to church. I don't follow any religion. I have known people who went to church every sunday and were rotten to the bone. I have known churchy folks who were great as well.

Christopher C. in Hawaii said...

I do have some compassion for the guy and even more for his wife and kids. The amount of internalized self loathing he must have to live a life of lies has to be an incredible burden to carry. He is a fine example of the disasterous problems caused by a society that stigmatizes natural creation.

He also looks a lot like the great love of my life from when I lived in Denver Co.

I am also chuckling with delight to see a Holier Than Thou upper echelon fundamentalist Christian be exposed for the pile of manure that he really is. Having this come right after Mark Foley is just too good to be true. It makes me think the DOG really does pay attention to what is going on down here sometimes.