Go talk about color in the garden here. I want to hear what everyone has to say. Or read it.


Anonymous said...

I'm also a huge fan of purple. On foliage more than flowers. I think my very favorite color must be the purple of royal purple smoke tree leaves:


In my garden, I like seeing mainly sunset hues, with some blue and yellowy green (honeysuckle, gingko) to punch things up. My favorite garden colors:

--Purple (smoke tree, purple barberry, beautyberry berries, alliums, salvia)

--Orange (canna flowers, miscanthus, carex, striped nz flax)

--Blue (blue oat grass, ceanothus flowers, viburnum berries)

--Brown (sedge, euphorbia, fennel, canna leaves)

Pink, yellow, and red flowers often look silly, overly feminine, and trite to me. And here in the Evergreen State, we're always surrounded by green; the green deliberated planted in gardens sometimes seems superfluous. I'd be perfectly happy to have a garden full of purple foliage, if only it would stay all year long.

chuck b. said...

That sounds like a lovely garden!