Mussel Rock Park

It's a nice day out and I thought it would be good to go for a walk. I looked online to find somewhere I've never been that I could drive to quickly. We have a bunch of open space preserves on the peninsula (more would be welcome, always) but most of them feel too out of the way for today.

Yesterday was a lot of laying around the house, watching movies. I need to take it easy. After all, I have to go back to work on Monday. That's only three days from now!

Judging by the map, this Mussel Rock Park looked promsing. A ten minute drive, right on the ocean, and I've never even heard of it before. I love coastal scrub. And the park apparently brims with geological interest.
Mussel Rock Park is a nature preserve that incompasses [sic] several very large and active landslides along the San Mateo County coast. The massive landslide deposits mask the trace of the San Andreas Fault here, where it runs offshore into the Pacific Ocean beyond San Francisco's Golden Gate. The high bluff along the skyline in this image has been a site of disaster for homeowners as the seacliff continues its natural collapse and retreat due to erosion and mass wasting. A smaller landslide in the foreground is forming on top of a more massive landslide that extends uphill to the base of the escarpment.

Here's the picture he's talking about, but you need 3-D glasses to enjoy it properly.

Well, I found it ho hum from a whoreticulture perspective.


Those are the houses where the owners do not sleep well at night.


Would you?


This little series made me realize I need to take my blogging game to the next level. How lame to blog still photos of waves crashing on a rock when my camera can take a little movie that I could upload to YouTube! Next time.

IMG_5336 IMG_5337
IMG_5339 IMG_5340

The best shot turns out to be the car I parked next to.




lisa said...

Yea...no way would I live in such a percarious spot-view or not! Cool spot to visit, though....LOVE that old car, too!

chuck b. said...

I would love to have a car like that. With a well-running engine, of course.