"A barge carrying one of the original Napa Valley homes floats down the Napa River to the building's destination in Benicia. House mover Phil Joy saved the historic building from destruction by engineering the transport of the house, built in 1895 on land that is now planned for a golf course. Chronicle photo by Michael Macor."




Pam said...

What a wonderful image - and what a great house!

Saw your link over at The Transplantable Rose -- I wish we could do melons, in coastal South Carolina there are just too many diseases to grow them without alot of chemicals!

chuck b. said...

Thanks for surfing in, Pam. I thought folks would like that image. I'm surprised to hear about disease in coastal SC. I am prepared to expect some mildew. We'll see. I'm going to try growing in two locations: one in the garden, and one on my roof. The roof will be warm and windy. Windy--to promote good air circulation.

Jenn said...

On the roof! You will definately have to keep us posted on how these plants do for you.

lisa said...

Now THAT'S a house-boat!