I have all this weird crap in my garage

from when I cleaned out my grandparents house some years ago. Like this Presidents of the United States commemorative plate from back when whatshisname was president.


They really, really liked whatshisname.


That 'Love those Republicans' button is cool. It has that polarized plastic covering, so those wheel-like designs look like they're spinning when you move the button. Everyone loves those wild and crazy Republicans!

It's not like I wanted these things, but noone else wanted them, and I didn't want to just get rid of it all...

This thing is hideous. HIDEOUS. It's a hand-painted lobster claw. My grandparents came from Maine. You know, Maine lobster. Anyhow, my grandmother had this thing hanging in her kitchen all my life. I have always, always hated it. When it finally came time to get rid of it, I suddenly couldn't let it go. Now it's mine.


Also from grandmother's kitchen: mammies.


I would never have these in my kitchen, but they don't seem as offensive to me now as they used to. Is that wrong?

In any case, they're a huge step up from these monstrosities.


They're made out of some kind of hard plastic--probably recently invented at the time these salt and pepper shakers were fabricated.

What were people thinking? I cannot even begin to imagine.

More here and here and here.


Annie in Austin said...

You can keep those buttons - I still have a couple from McGovern somewhere.
The Aunt Jemima and Uncle Mose salt & pepper show up on collectible sites. Hopefully, they came free with the mixes, and your grandparents were just thinking about breakfast?


chuck b. said...

Uncle Mose..? Wow, you're right. I googled Uncle Mose and those salt and pepper shakers came right up. But I still don't know who Uncle Mose is. Aunt Jemima's husband I guess. I didn't realize that was Aunt Jemima. Well I'm putting those on eBay right quick.

Christopher C. in Hawaii said...

I was gonna say are you nuts? Put ALL that stuff on eBay, including the old medicines that look to be in mint condition packaging.

Oprah may be the one who buys your Uncle Mose and other Black Americana collection. I have heard she has one of the largest collections going.

I have a small collection of Black Americana in my kitchen and bath and display it proudly. It reminds me of where I came from, The South.

I like the lobster claw. It has a very latin flavor.

lisa said...

LOVE that old stuff! (Except the lobster claw...CREEPY!) Yea, Ebay is the place for anything you don't want...you'd be surprised what people will pay for some of that, especially the black americana stuff. Surgical stuff is big, too...lots of MD's like to display the old tools as barbaric "mementos" from days gone by. There's even a museum in Chicago with leather MD bags from horse and buggy days...even old blood letting equipment!

lisa said...

Hey-don't even throw away the "opium butt paste"! Somebody will buy it, I guarantee! If it were me, the box of meds- I would have to keep, make a shadow box, and hang it in the bathroom as decoration...but that's just my personal "pathology" :) (My hoarding disorder is my friend!)

lisa said...

Um...I meant the toiletries would look cool in a shadow box, not necessarily the butt paste...heh...I posted a picture of the shadow box I made over on my blog. It's not exactly "cutting edge" art, but I like it.

chuck b. said...

I actually thought about getting shadow boxes, and I looked for something like that at Ikea, but no luck. I'm sure I couldn't build one myself that would be aesthetically pleasing enough to have in the house. I'm not handy at all.

I have tons of old, vintage pharmaceuticals. Tons. Granddad kept like every sample he ever got that he didn't pass along to a patient. I don't think he ever threw anything out.

I also have all this crazy pharmaecutical promotional material; little film strips, key chains, plastic letter openers with pill-decorated handles. All kinds of stuff. You have no idea. It's so insane.

I would love to pick the coolest-looking stuff and have a little shadow box. I'm sure it would look good; I just haven't seen a good enough shadow box.

Nathan said...

If you would like to sell the Love those Republican button, I am interested. Nathan (upfal@comcast.net)