Just what I need:

More seeds!


What did I get? Little California natives to tuck in here and there.

Isomeris arborea,

Lotus formosissimus,

Lotus formosissimus

Mimulus pictus,

mimulus pictus

Streptanthus farnsworthianus (Huh. He said, "Anus". Huh, huh. Huh.)

Streptanthus farnsworthianus

and a *BONUS* freebie: Linanthus 'Stardust'.

Where exactly these are going to go in my over-planted 500 sq. ft. garden is anyone's guess. Who the heck knows. I think a couple on the roof garden for sure, and some maybe grouped in bunches around the artichoke bush and summer vegetable garden. Luckily for me, unlike some people, I'm not one to garden with "a plan" or an overall "design concept".

The more pressing matter is, do I coddle these seeds and sow them indoors with diurnal temperature fluctuation, or do I sow them outside in flats and let them fend for themselves like the tough natives they are? Decisions, decisions.

Where did I buy them? Seedhunt. She sells more than just CA natives, btw. The last seeds I bought from her came up within a week. She's got a lot of salvias, and plans to expand her collection of restios.


Christopher C. in Hawaii said...

Spacious ventilated shelving outdoors and on the roof.

Earth Day, May Day and Arbor Day at least, Chucky B's Sidewalk Nursery and plant sale. Then you can buy more seeds with the proceeds.

chuck b. said...

I've thought about selling plants at my neighborhood garage sale. It's an annual event every August. But the amount of preparation involved...

Christopher C. in Hawaii said...

Just grow what you want and have fun. Two or three weeks before the sale go through it and cull the herd. Fertilize and spruce up the ones that have to go.

lisa said...

I say try some indoors and some out...something's bound to make it between the two...then yea, sell the excess.