Hey, everyone

Commentor Anile inaugurated her own blog.


Go visit. Go right now. You'll want to see what she's got up today!

Oh yeah!


anile said...

wow thanks! you are so sweet...
I'm a newbie for sure! I love your style, your personality that comes over the blog. You've got it down... how to convey those nuances is something I guess you have to get into the rhythm of. Ho wmuch to reveal? Where to step back, when to pull forward... all things you get better at as it goes along.
Thanks for being a great inspiration!
See you tomorrow when we rub our hands in various colored dirts, oops, I mean soils... lol

chuck b. said...

It's interesting how the blogging experience evolves the longer you do it...

I had a blog (about random whatever) under my full name for a year before I started this one. When people that I actually know started reading it, I stopped enjoying the blog as much, and I deleted it. Now I don't think I'd care, but I never tell people I blog. I'm not here for that.

I originally intended Cold Calculation to be a math and statistics blog! I thought it would be fun to analyze and re-crunch numbers and statistics that I see all the time in popular news. I think I made one or two posts on that theme before I realized I didn't actually enjoy that. I wanted to read that blog, not write it.

Then for a long time, I just used this space to link things that intrigued me for whatever reason with rarely a comment from me. There was nothing horticultural here for a long time, even though I was gardening. It's too bad, because I could have documented the beginning of my gardening efforts which began in earnest a year ago when I lost my job and started at the Botanical Garden full time. It didn't even occur to me to make this a garden blog!

Then there was an article in the Chronicle about garden blogs which turned me on to Garden Rant. Once I fell in thrall to those ladies, I was hooked. I consider them my blog mothers.

For awhile I thought about starting a new blog with a URL that had some garden-oriented name, but I decided what the fuck. I already have this blog. What do I care? I'm not really aiming for an audience. This blog is what it is, and if people like to come by that's great. If not, that's fine too. I'll still be here whether I have visitors or not.

To be sure, I'm delighted people do visit and sometimes comment--it always makes me smile.

As for controlling your blog persona, I advise not worrying about it too much. It's hard to know or control how other people perceive you online, or in real life. I blog under my middle name to give myself a little freedom to say what I really feel in case I ever want to cut loose. I might not want to do that if my real name attached to those feelings.