It's the time of year...

...for seeds! I just added four of my favorite seed-sellers to the links list. They all have interesting websites and/or catalogs you might find useful and/or enjoyable.

(They're all in California, except for Territorial which is in Oregon.)

J.L. Hudson, Seedsman: I keep this groovy old-school catalog in the drawer of my nightstand. He also sells gibberellic acid kits.

Peaceful Valley Farm & Garden Supply: I did my soil test with these folks.

Swallowtail Garden Seeds: Great website with lots of pictures; they sell some hard-to-find seeds too.

Territorial Seed Company: I ordered most of my vegetable seeds from them.

Two links I've had up for awhile:

Seedhunt: This woman works at Suncrest Nursery (wholesalers) in Watsonville and runs her own seed business. She sells rare CA natives and exciting restios, among other things.

Theodore Payne Foundation: Dedicated to preserving and disseminating CA natives and wildflowers.

Please feel free to list some of your favorite seed sources in the comments.


Internet Ronin said...

Great sources, Chuck - thanks! I've used a few of them over the years. Can't think of anything to add at the moment.

BTW, have you ever visited Harlan Hand's hillside garden in El Cerrito? IIRC, he willed it to the Pacific Horticultural Foundation but I have no idea whether they have opened it up to the public or sold it. Quite something in its day. Quite a view from there, too.

mmw said...

Chuck, let me know if you want me to fwd. the Northwest Native Seeds list to you. It's pretty impressive (and it includes all of Cali.)

lisa said...

Okay, here's a couple of my fav's:

-whatcom seeds

-thompson and morgan

-botanical interests


-alchemy works

This site is cool to visit regardless!