Woodsy Owl

is going to be incinerated.

Link and link.


Jenn said...

That new costume is kinder on the employee, but damn, is that scary-ugly. And resembles an owl Not At All.

lisa said...

Wow...I can't beleive they are destroying an icon from my childhood like that! It's just plain wrong! "New Woodsy" is completely lame...which overpaid, lame-ass gov't numb-nutts came up with THAT?! I hope a real owl pecks his eyes out! (Ok...displaced aggression maybe, but damn that sucks!)

chuck b. said...


I didn't follow the links at BoingBoing, so I don't know what they were thinking getting a new Woodsy. It's been awhile since we've even seen Woodsy, so I'm not sure what the revived interest is about either.

It's surprising we don't see more stuff like this directed to kids. I mean, I for one really responded to Woodsy Owl and Smokey the Bear. Totally!

And Schoolhouse Rock! Hello! I learned more from short, repeated exposure to Schoolhouse Rock than I EVER did in the same amount of time in actual school. I know I'm not the only one!

Everything should be taught to everyone in song, with snappy animation. Seriously. Would you rather read Microsoft Office for Dummies or watch Schoolhouse Rock for Microsoft Office?

It's a no brainer!