The Alligator Pear

Or maybe you call it the avocado:
Avocados were first noted in 1518 by a Spanish conquistador writing about his explorations in the New World of Colombia, in South America. In 1672, a British physician visiting Jamaica noted that the avocado was "one of the most rare and pleasant fruits of the island. It nourisheth and strengtheneth the body, corroborating the spirits and procuring lust accordingly." By 1856 the first avocado tree was growing in Los Angeles. The Hass Avocado (which is...often misspelled and mispronounced as Haas) is the most popular California variety. It has pebbly black skin and can be grown year round.

That's from the Fruit Guys company newsletter. My company subscribes to their service, and they tape up their newsletter in the breakroom. It says they included avocados in this delivery. If that's true, the avocados were long gone before I came around.

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