"It's like something out of an animal horror movie -- killer frogs take over peaceful pond, then after terrorizing and eating everything alive, start eating each other.

Only it's no movie. It's really happening in Golden Gate Park's Lily Pond, near the California Academy of Sciences. And after watching the frogs chew through everything in sight over the past several years, the city finally wants to do something about it.

No one knows for sure when the African clawed frogs got into the pond or who put them there. But there they are, and the Toad Warriors have pretty much taken care of the native turtles, frogs and fish."



angieoh! said...


Sorry for the inarticulate comment. I miss you from The Tonya Show - are you still able to access? if yes, please tell her that a former student Ang misses her commentary on the Gilmore Girls!!!

chuck b. said...

You did NOT just out me as a Gilmore Girls fan to my readers!

angieoh! said...

No... I outed MYSELF as a Gilmore Girls fan... YOu are a TONYA SHOW fan.


Annie in Austin said...

[I'd like to second the 'ewwwww' without having any opinion about the Gilmore Girls.]

So someone had them as pets and released them into the pond? Even more than the clawed amphibian or cannibal frog part of the story, that stupid human act deserves the 'ewwwww'.


chuck b. said...

I agree, Annie.