My further misadventures in seed, winter 2007 edition

People had a lot to say about my troubles germinating Ipomoea alba. It's absurd for me to mess around with that plant in San Francisco where it's very unlikely to get hot enough to flower well.

So what do you have to say about Ipomoea nil? This is the chocolate morning glory. The cotyledon leaves opened without incident, but the true leaves are albino.


I just put this plant outside a couple days ago. I'm tired of the drama. I might try again with a new packet of seeds.

And check out the Eriogonum arborescens. These are fine. This is how it should look.


But what's up with this? It came from the same seed packet.



mmw said...

This is a blessing in disguise because Ipomoea is so hideous.


The County Clerk said...

I don't know this albino species.

Tony said...

That plant that came up in your Eriogonum arborescens seed pot is a Epilobium sp. (fireweed, willow-herb) The species name escapes me at the moment, but the tiny tufted seed (much like a dandelion) floats in or comes in on re-used potting soil, and grows gangbusters quite quickly. Hope this helps...