What's the blue-flowering plant in the hanging basket?

A walk around the neighborhood.

Bernal Heights, San Francisco. March 24, 2007
































Delphine said...

In the basket, the blue flowers are :
des campanules des murailles in french. The botanic name is Campanula muralis or Campanula portenschlagiana. It's very comon here.

chuck b. said...

Thank you, Delphine... I'm more of a trees-and-shrubs guy; I know very few ornamental flowers.

lisa said...

Lots of felines in the 'hood...love the tile mosaic with the planters built into the wall-very creative!

The County Clerk said...

Love these walk-around snap-a-lots.

Please try to do this regularly as the season passes.

I just love to look.

anile said...

What is the plant in the 5th and 6th frame? There's on of those down the street from my work, and it grows like mad!

chuck b. said...

Anile, the woody-trunked plant, or the yucca? I think the woody-trunked plant is Dahlia imperialis, or something very much like it (and there are several plants like it growing in the Botanical Garden).

I thought D. imperialis was supposed to blow over every year, not harden up. Whatever it is, I went home and potted up the remnants of my D. imperialis that I dug up several weeks ago but not yet discarded. I want that texture in my garden. I was thinking it could go where in the ground where the Geranium maderense is now after the G. maderense expires.

Anyhow, it could be something else. As I said, there are several plants that look like that in the Botanical Garden, and I'm always getting them confused. Take a picture of yours, and let's have a look. The person to ask at the Botanical Garden is Pat, who gardens the meso-American cloud forest. If you don't know him, ask Dolores to introduce you.

chuck b. said...

Clerk, yes, will do. I'll even try to, gasp, venture into other neighborhoods (although I think mine is the most botanically interesting).

Lisa...lots of cats, lots of dogs. It seemed strange to see three cats on one short walk tho'. I was especially glad I photographed the first one when I saw the second one. I knew if nothing else I'd have a cat theme. And then, three! Perfect.

anile said...

Chuck- thanks.
HAnd in your soils test at class on wed. And you can use the book. In fact, you will have to.

Christopher C. in Hawaii said...

It is very spring like in all the pictures. What a concept. It almost makes city living look bearable.

Annie in Austin said...

Wonderful ChuckB!

It isn't just spring... it's spring in a place where people plant things! You can walk around my neighborhood and in some parts would never know there are any possibities in the changing seasons except for Hot Pink Crepe Myrtle: Turned on/Turned off.

In photo 8355 there's a lot of chicken wire - is that because there's a hillside or for deer or what?

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Jenn said...

I do love your tours. Thank you so much! What a great place.

chuck b. said...

You guys are easy. But, thank you! :)

Annie, no idea what's up with that chicken wire. Definitely not deer. No deer in San Francisco. But you're very cute to think that there might be and my affection for you just ticked up another notch. My guess is that it was meant to keep dogs from crapping in their yard, but who knows. Maybe it was for chickens.

chuck b. said...

P.S. Does anyone else love the van in the backyard with the bbq as much as I do? I just died laughing when I saw that. Seriously, I was doubled over.

The County Clerk said...

I was windering why the brady bunch van was in the group... yeah, now that I look again, with the grill, in the lush garden.

QUITE FUNNY (provided it isn't QUITE NEXT DOOR).

JvA said...

Yeah, that one hits a little too close to home for me to think it's too funny.

Until recently, one of my bad neighbors (not my bad neighbor who planted arborvitae at the back of my yard, not my bad neighbors the people who had a toilet in the planting strip for two months) had 11 cars and a boat in his yard.

Jenn said...

What's the blue flower in shots 3 and 4?

chuck b. said...

Jenn-- It's Echium candicans syn. E. fastuosum, common name Pride of Madeira.

Jenn said...

Thanks, Chuck!