A photographer vanishes in the waters off Mendocino

The day after he disappeared, the Coast Guard found his boat. A Boston Whaler is an open boat, and it was half submerged, awash, anchored in about 100 feet of water near Blunt's Reef. His camera was still aboard. After two nights and a day of searching, Chetron was listed as lost and presumed drowned.

Blunt's Reef is a hostile place. The currents are strong -- "ripping currents" the divers call them -- and the seas are often rough. The nearest land is 5 miles away. There are no roads in that part of California. They call it 'the lost coast.'

His website.


JvA said...

His photos are stunning. I'm sad to have discovered them this way.

chuck b. said...

I know! Me too. Very sad.

lisa said...

Wow...what beautiful work! Seems that self-taught artists are often best, perhaps unfettered by normal "rules". What a loss!