MidBeaconHill visits the Ciscoe Morris garden. I love it.


JvA said...

Wow, you mentioned me in your blog. I think I'd be blushing if I hadn't just gone to a wine bar and had pretty much an entire bottle of Sancerre.

You know of Ciscoe? I thought he was just a local personality. Though I was shocked to see his latest book at Costco. I know that means they must have ordered 100,000 copies or something.

When I took those photos it was past 7 p.m. and getting dark. And there was a woman (Ciscoe's wife?) doing some weeding, and I think our presence was getting her dogs a little riled up. So I felt so self-conscious that I didn't even shoot the Ceanothus by the street corner.

Chuck, is there anything specific that you'd like me to ask him if I see him? He lives by my friends' house, so I can stop by pretty frequently.

chuck b. said...

I don't know Ciscoe, but as soon as you blogged his garden and linked his book, I could say that I did. Nice how that works.

Just tell him you write a popular Beacon Hill-based garden blog, and the people want to see more.