"This now-famous Pied-billed grebe gently nuzzles her hours-old baby while sitting atop her floating nest in San Francisco. At this point, she had four hatchlings camping out on her back (hiding under her wings) and three buns in the oven underneath her."

Great pictures at the link.

While in other news...
"To the average hunter, Wee Wee was no different than any other Canada goose -- a nuisance worthy of a well-placed shot, and possibly, dinner.

To the Hulse family and their neighbors, however, Wee Wee was a beloved pet and a friend to children.

Now, a hunter who felled Wee Wee last weekend could face charges for shooting what was still officially considered a wild animal."

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lisa said...

Nice! Those are very pretty birds...funny how acclimated they become to people.