Who stole my lupine? A blog poll

I went up to the pea patch tonight last night to weed and mulch my plot and I discovered that someone stole my lupine! The lupine I planted last week was gone!


My first reaction was that some native plant freak committed the dastardly deed. My lupine is a native somewhere in California--maybe in San Francisco, maybe not. I can easily imagine someone being very concerned about protecting the genetic integrity of Bernal Hill native lupines, and just plucking mine out of the ground as a show of environmental action.

But I'm a reasonably astute observer of the local flora, and I've never seen any lupines here. I do know we have some peculiar, native buckwheat and zigadenus, although I've never seen those either.

Then, I thought, well, maybe someone wanted a lupine. It's not like they're easy to find in nurseries. I grew mine from seed; not everyone is thrilled to do that. Perhaps we're dealing with your basic plant thief.

Then I had one last iteration, maybe someone thought it was a Bernal native lupine that popped up adventitiously in my garden patch, and he or she removed it to keep it safe. After all, it was still small, and who plants a lupine between two cherry tomatoes? Hi, me! I do.

In the end, I don't know who stole my lupine. I still have lots of seeds left. Maybe I'll sprout another one.


JvA said...

I'm sorry to hear about your loss. I hope this sad discovery didn't sour your view on humanity, as it probably would have mine.

Christopher C. in Hawaii said...

Without seeing more evidence my first guess would be the lowest of the low, worse than a common plant thief or eco-jihadist, that most slimy and vile of all creatures, The Slug.

Was it just gone or had it obviously been dug up?

chuck b. said...

Christopher, if it even occurred to me to consider a slug, it was a very brief occurrence.

That tells you more about me than I could ever explain in words.

JvA, do you know where I'm coming from? :)


But, you're probably right, Christopher, aren't you? Until now, I've been gardening in a very sheltered environment. A very sheltered, SMALL, environment. One where I exert total control. Well, as much control as one human being can over 450 sq. ft. of earth.

(I gardened at the Botanical Garden, extensively, for a year, but that's different. I don't expect to control that place.)

It's interesting that I wanted a community garden plot. Did I simply feel that I needed more room? Or was I subconsciously reaching out for greater gardening challenges?

It's very different on the hill than it is in the city. Lots of snails, I saw a snake, constant weeds. More than I bargained for? Not really. I'm a tough guy.

And I'm really stoned right now. Can you tell? It's true. I was ambivalent about mentioning it, with people's mothers reading the blog, and all. It's not like I live in fear of other people's judgment (ha!), but I am not the sort of person who wants to disrespect, offend or alienate people. And I know people have their opinions.

But, we're all adults. And I'm a successful professional who's paid his dues in life, and this is my blog. I'm not here to hold your hand.

chuck b. said...

PS I'm being mostly ironic about man exerting dominion over 450 land. OF course, man can exert *terrible* control over miles and miles of land...

Christopher C. in Hawaii said...

You crack me up sometimes. A little wacky like my stoner friend Matt, the successful professional multi-lingual translator. I like it when he is willing to hold my hand. Sometimes I do the same for him when he needs it.

anna maria said...

Just had a thought. Are you sure you remember exactly where you planted it? Absolutely positive?

JvA said...

By "JvA, do you know where I'm coming from," do you mean "JvA, do you know what it's like to eat a bunch of pot brownies and walk around outside for a long time in bad weather," then the answer is why, yes, I do. I went to college in Seattle after all.

Annie in Austin said...

My guess is that your lupine bore too close a resemblance to its cousin the bluebonnet, causing some homesick Texan like Hank the County Clerk to walk off with it.

ChuckB, your walk in the rain post looks quite lovely, even on Bloglines, which is the only way I could see it. I haven't been able to open the post - it locked up my computer 3 times and I gave up.

You put as much in one stream of consciousness stroll as could be found in a coffee table book in the last century, and have made your city look totally fascinating.

Now you have me dreaming of white picket fences. I think they are charming, but it would look like an affectation given the terrain and style of my subdivision.


eve said...

hello! i've been reading your blog a bunch recently, but was having problems loading recently. the smaller display seems to be helping. on the lupines... are there highwaymen in your area???


chuck b. said...

Yeah, I'm sticking with the seven days on the homepage. Works so much better for me now too.

Thanks for coming by, Eve.