"The light blue home on a hill in [San Francisco's] Sunnyside neighborhood, full of charm and rotting wood, sold late last year in a court auction for an almost unheard of price in San Francisco: $525,000.

But the house was in such need of repairs that the real estate agent who had listed it had warned potential buyers to 'enter at your own risk.'

Bill Zhou and his wife snapped it up and, according to neighbors, began fixing it up with little outside help. But at 2:47 p.m. Sunday, as Zhou tried to put in a new foundation, the house at 149 Mangels Avenue buckled with a great crash..."

Total bummer!


JvA said...

But now they get to start from scratch and design their house exactly as they want it.

lisa said...

Wow...that IS a drag! I bet their neighbors were a tad freaked that it fell against their homes...hope the "rubble owners" don't get sued over it. Sounds like starting from scratch is the best way to go, anyhow.