My new bed at the pea patch

This is my new bed.


It's the first one you see on the left when you walk in the gate.


I'm keeping the two geraniums, alyssum, and the chrysanthemum.


And I'm adding Feijoa sellowiana, Cerinthe major 'purpurascens', Madia elegans, Ipomoea alba, Arctostaphylos uva-ursi, a nameless composite, and some vegetables: crooked neck squash, Japanese cucumbers, snap peas.

I added 4 sq. ft. of Soil Booster, planted, mulched with eucalyptus chips the city gave us, and just like that, it's done! You can see my IPM program for gophers. I drilled many dozens of holes into several 1 gallon cans for easy drainage and air transfer. Barrier methods are the best IPM.


Except, after I took this picture, I added pea sticks. You can see them in this picture.


The trellis is for cucumbers. The wind blows hard up here sometimes. Does the trellis look secure? It feels secure.


Do cucumbers anywhere have a finer view?

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lisa said...

My cucumbers are jealous of your cucumbers! (Actually I didn't plant any, I just wanted to say that). "Cucumber envy"...isn't that a Freudian thing? ;)