There goes the neighborhood...

I just learned the Financial Times wrote about my neighborhood, Bernal Heights, back in April.
"Perched on a hillside above the gritty, funky streets of San Francisco’s Mission district, Bernal Heights feels a world removed from the city below. And that’s exactly the way the locals like it..."



JvA said...

Yep. Once an international paper describes your neighborhood as bohemian, offbeat, edgy, independent, rogue, alternative, or quirky (or, in your case, all of those things), then you know it's really over.

"Funk," "artist," and "vibe" are other uh-oh words, all used to describe Georgetown in the 5/22 NYT travel section.

"The city's starving-artist set has recently migrated to Georgetown, a warehouse district next to the airport. 'It's where there's still some funk,' says Balmert. To soak up the vibe, grab a beer at Nine Pound Hammer (6009 Airport Way South; 206-762-3373)."

lisa said...

Yea, I sure hope that your area can stay nice after such press...calling your 'hood cool was very un-cool!