This is Day 21

This is where it stands after today's work, the first full day post-vacation.




In case you can't tell from the following pictures, we're in the plumbing phase. The kitchen sink is moving from the corner in the right of this picture (below), about four feet to the middle of the wall.




There are some plumbing jokes in the third or fourth episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer's sixth season that I can't help repeating to myself these days.

"Full! Copper! Re-pipe!"


But please bear in mind that it's a very good sign that I maintain even a semblance of humor by Day 21. We're having fun! This is fun! Life is an adventure!


And of course a lot of the plumbing work was done in the garage. Garage? Well, you can call it the basement if you want; the basement-garage is under the kitchen.

He uses a gas torch to seal the pipe joints, and the flame gets right up next to the old wood. Let me tell you it makes me nervous! And the whole place smells "scorched".

Here we are in the basement-garage.


I can tell the picture above is new work, but it's hard to tell the new work from the old work.


Old houses often have unidentified lengths of discontinued plumbing still racked up, like in this picture. I hang my gardening clothes on those pipes.


Also, we had them mount our former kitchen cabinets in the garage. For storage.


Not like we need storage, really. We are not major hoarders. Well, Guy is not a hoarder. I have some things to purge. But just imagine how much more tidy and organized the garage will be with these babies in action!

Hey, don't hate me because I'm organized!

Anyhow, the big drama today is that the contractor turned off the house gas to do his work, and didn't remember to turn it back on before he left. We have a gas water heater. I happened to take a late shower today (after gardening) and finished off the hot water doing dishes in the bathroom sink after dinner. Guy wanted to take a bath tonight (he's a little under the weather after the return flight), but there was no hot water for him. And since it's bedtime and the contractor has not returned our call(s), there will apparently be no hot water for showers in the morning either.

This is a fun adventure!

Full! Copper! Re-pipe!


So, the record as it stands:

Days 19 and 20 were weekends, so no work.

Days 15-18 I was in Hawaii, so no documentation.

Day 14 was Memorial Day Holiday, so presumably no work.

Days 12 and 13 were weekends, so no work.

Day 11 I was extremely busy, so no documentation.

Day 10, before we left:

Day 10 picture 1

Day 10, picture 2

Day 10, picture 3

Day 10, picture 4

Day 10, picture 5

And the link to Day 9.

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lisa said...

The pictures help re-affirm the progress...I'm sure it seems much slower otherwise. I mean, 21 days sounds like a long time, but it IS a pretty major renovation. Makes me wonder what the hell I'm gonna do with myself when my own renovation gets under way in a few years...