Bay Area and state warm up to solar energy, survey says

"Spreading one rooftop at a time, solar panels in California are finally generating serious power.

The Bay Area alone now has enough panels to provide electricity to about 61,725 homes, according to a survey released Tuesday by a solar advocacy group. Statewide, the output of solar installations equals that of a mid-size power plant.

The survey, by NorCal Solar, a nonprofit group, shows that the environmentally friendly technology is becoming entrenched in both the Bay Area and the state."


I'm very happy with our solar system. I wish we'd had enough money to install a larger system and a generator to power us when the sun goes down. I would love to go off the grid in the middle of the city.

People say it's not economical to buy solar, but they make all kinds of other non-economical choices, or choices based on emotion rather than economics (like getting new kitchens?). That's fine (but people should listen to themselves and think about how they sound before trying to pass their decision-making process off as inherently rational when it's transparently not--ahem!), people can spend their money how they want. We're essentially homebodies, with zero interest in flashy cars or clothes. I probably spend more money on seeds and mulch than I do on clothes per annum.

The solar was a fine decision for us.

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lisa said...

I'm excited about the increase in solar usage in general, and I hope it goes on moreso nationwide so the competition drives prices down somewhat. I'd really love to go solar someday, but I'm not sure if we have enough sun to make it feasible.