East Bay Wilds is a California native plant nursery.

Mount Diablo a state park with 3489' peak in the east bay.

The owner of East Bay Wilds went to Mount Diablo recently and took lots of pictures. I'm on his e-mail list.
"after working on a nearby landscape, i spent a couple of very hot afternoons this week up on mt diablo and saw some incredible colors [flowers as well as foliage] – lots of fascinating plants which endure extreme conditions on that beautiful mountain. you can check out the photos here: http://tinyurl.com/22fx7g i got some good shots of keckiella corymbosa [red beardtongue] and penstemon heterophyllos ssp. heterophyllos [a ssp. of blue bedder penstemon w/ bright yellow flower buds] in flower, lots of clematis lasiantha [mopheads] in seed along w/ ptelea crenulata [western hop tree - one of my favorite small trees to use in landscapes – in the citrus family], rhamnus crocea [redberry], a very unusual rhamnus californica [coffeeberry] and umbellularia californica [california bay laurel], along w/ eriodictyon spp. [yerba santa] and lepechinia calycina, lotus crassifolius [big deervetch], etc. i’ve found most of these plants to be wonderful and easy garden specimens too."

So who's Lorenzo?

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Annie in Austin said...

King of the Mountain, apparently.
Quite a lovely set of photos.