Flowercraft Garden Center

I buy a lot of stuff here, especially mulch. Whatever plants I don't grow from seed, or buy from the Botanical Garden, I likely get here. I live two minutes away and I come here often enough that everyone knows me by sight, but they don't know my name (although I know most of their names).

Have a look around.










I like thyme, but I loathe caraway. So, eww. (It's the smell I loathe.)


Farfugium japonicum!


I buy this. Apparently, this is the plant I've been waiting for to make a little water garden. Now I just have to find an aluminum trough...

I always check out the 50% off area in the back.


There's nothing back here I want today, but this poa is/was kinda cool.


My haul.


I came here for hummingbird plants for the roof. Besides the Farfugium, I'm also splurging on Clematis 'Madame Julia Correvon', two gaura, and the Erigeron glaucus (which isn't really a splurge since a gallon is $6.99). The Clematis is definitely a splurge.

Hummingbird plants (hopefully!) in 4" pots: Cuphea varia 'Caribbean Sunset', Angelonia sp., Salvia nemerosa 'Blue Hill', Salvia 'Forest Fire', Salvia greggii 'Moonlight'.


lisa said...

You farfugium looked familiar-seems it's in the same family with my ligularia, no wonder! So you're planning a water feature? Cool...can't wait to see it!

Christopher C. NC said...

I am on the hunt for the Salvia nemerosa. It was listed as hardy to zone 3 I think. I have been to three nurseries and Lowes so far in my getting aquainted phase, but I wasn't looking for it then, mostly just looking. Plants are more expensive here than in Hawaii!

Blackswamp_Girl said...

Well, Lisa's comment cleared that up for me... I was just going to ask if you hadn't bought a ligularia labeled with another name. :)

What are those cool orange fuzzy things? Looks like it should be from New Zealand or something...

chuck b. said...

That's anigazanthos or anagazanthos or aziganthonos or... kangaroo paw. From Australia.

Zip over to twogardens.blogspot.com and scroll down a bit for a better picture of the flower (and correct spelling, I'm sure).

chuck b. said...

According to Botanica, it's Farfugium japonicum syn. Ligularia tussilaginea if that helps.