Guerilla gardening

with Celosia in Toronto, here.

And then there's this.

Added: More GG in Toronto.


lisa said...

I like the guerilla gardening, and that would be pretty economical if the plants were started from seed. But the bugs? Now that just seems silly to me.

Annie in Austin said...

"Young Caddie was kidnapped, stripped and forced to bedeck herself in garments of glitter and gold, transformed from a natural creature into a mere plaything, soley to satisfy her kidnapper's vision of beauty..."

Ha,ha, Chuck... if it weren't a Caddis fly one could make a pretty good bodice-ripper out of this news story.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

chuck b. said...

I found the caddis fly story slightly nauseating at first. Then I thought it was kind of groovy.

JvA said...

I saw some of that guerrila gardening at Kensingston Market in Toronto this week! I'll post pictures of the more elaborate piece that I saw -- you'll dig it.