San Francisco's new Federal Building opens Monday.

"This is a new building with complex systems. It takes awhile for us to dial in," said Warren Sitterley, the property manager for the General Services Administration. "That would have been true even if this was a perfectly conventional building."

Sitterley said it could be a year before all the quirks are resolved. It also could take that much time for people to adjust to the tower's ecological sensibility. For instance, the natural ventilation system doesn't have the precise stability that comes from typical heating or air conditioning. The building's temperature ranges from about 68 to 81 degrees.

"There's a wider range of temperatures here than you'll find in a normal building," Sitterley said. "If someone's expecting 67 degrees every moment of the summer, they're going to be disappointed."

Interesting. There's also a "skygarden" on the 11th floor, landscaped with...sod? Zzzz.

Pictures at the link.

So far, I've only seen it zooming by on the freeway, and I think it's ugly. But not necessarily uglier than the old federal building which is indescribably hideous. I hope they find a way to tear it down.

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lisa said...

So you can't have "ecological sensibility" without poorly-functioning/lame cooling performance? Heh, sounds like a contractor's dream excuse!