The bridge collapse.

Since I started garden blogging, I rarely mention major, non-vegetative news events outside of my general area. But the bridge collapse in Minnesota hits a little close to home. The Bay Area is connected by a half-dozen, relatively long bridges, each one vital and heavily trafficked every day. I don't drive any of them very often but various family members and friends do. What happened in Minnesota is necessarily unthinkable, and yet it happened. I want to express my sincerest sympathies.


mmw said...

I was just on that bridge a couple weeks ago. And under it, I think. Scary!

lisa said...

That sure WAS awful! I hate big bridges, anyway-they scare me a lot, mostly the height. The slo-mo video they were showing of it actually falling was especially upsetting to me. I used to have nightmares that I was driving a car up a really steep hil, and when I came down the other side, it was too steep, and the car left the road and landed on it's roof (although I always woke up before actually hitting). Isn't that one of those urban legend-type myths, that if you die in your dreams, then you die in real life?

chuck b. said...

I think, in dreams, death symbolizes change.