Did you see the mugshot of the guy who tried to burn the man prematurely? Too funny. Link.
"I am disturbed that the Man is burnt. As I looked at it, I was going, 'This can't be happening,' " said Bob Harms of South Lake Tahoe, a seven-time burner.

Kyle Marx of Eugene, Ore., said the fire started from the Man's left leg and spread to engulf nearly his entire body.

"Some people were chanting, 'Let him burn, let him burn!' and some were chanting, 'Save the man, save the man!' " Marx said.

I say this whole thing goes down as vital cultural trivia.


Deviant Deziner said...

Obviously the Burning Man arsonist was under the influence of the Looney Lunar Eclipse.
( did you see it ? ... T'was tres cool )

I liked the paint job on his face.
If I ever get arrested I would want my mug shot to look like that.
He's smiling too.
What a happy little arsonist he is !

chuck b. said...

I did not see the eclipse. I've managed to miss pretty much every eclipse that has ever happened during my entire lifetime. Which is weird, because I find astronomy fascinating and wonderful.

Love the crazy arsonist. Well, not *love*, but you know. Apparently he's a player in San Francisco's cultural scene. Guess I don't know much about that.

Mugshots are always fun, imo.

lisa said...

Definately the best mug shot ever! I'm jealous....okay, maybe not! I've always wanted to attend burning man, too.

Jenn said...

da roof
da roof
da roof is on fi-er
we don't need no water
let the m*f*r burn....

Oh, man. Did I just age myself, or what?