Prelude to a garage sale.

I used to "collect" stamps. Not in any kind of hobbyist way. I just sort of hoarded them, and when word got out, people started giving me stamps. I don't really care about stamps, per se. I just like the little pictures.

I'm putting (most of) the stamp album in the garage sale pile. But first a few pictures.


I'm surprised how few of my stamps have any horticulture interest.

IMG_4642 IMG_4643
IMG_4644 IMG_4645

And of those stamps that are hort-y, most are banal. (Do you think that accurately reflects most people's feelings about plants?)

But this winter aconite is nice.


And this twin flower, whatever that is.


It goes without saying that botanical names are rare.



I've always liked this House of Representatives stamp.


Only a few states have horty stamps.


California's stamp features one the state's most noxious weeds, Carpobrotus sp. which makes for some unfortunately accurate iconography if nothing else.


Notable American gardeners? Yeah, right. Landscape architects, yes. Did the phrase "landscape architect" even exist in Olmstead's time? I wonder.


And of course painters of flowers are always stampable.


I'm sure you agree this one has resounding garden interest!


Other countries in my stamp collection tend to be even less horty.

O, Canada...




Australia has some of the best stamps, period.


Deviating for a minute, this French stamp of Cesar's thumb is my all-time favorite. (altho' I think there is a garden sculpture of this thumb.)


Garden creatures are popular.


Carnivorous plants have a high charisma rating.


And these American landscapes are nice.




So, that's that. Thanks for coming by to see stamps!

Now, if you will please excuse me, I have to feed my troll. You know how some gardens have gnomes? Well, it turns out some garden blogs have trolls! Mine considers me nosy, tacky, and pitiable, and she's tired of seeing my neighbor's yard. And yet she finds time to visit me almost every day! I'm going to feed her some meat.

Saturday my neighbor finally repaired the damaged sidewalk in front of his house (we had nothing to do with it).


He had the worker mulch his backyard with the waste concrete!


Too funny.



Pam/Digging said...

Nice concrete mulch. Probably even concrete won't keep that bamboo down though.

Christopher C. NC said...

Does your Troll have a name? I noticed the commotion a few posts down.

Yea, I don't think that concrete mulch will be thick enough or wide enough to keep that bamboo down for long.

Nice Stamps!

The meat was a little chalky.

I suppose you could put up three story curtains between you and the view to the right. That would work. Right!

chuck b. said...

Yeah, I don't think the mulch will keep the bamboo down...it's just laziness. Or cheapness. It's too heavy for regular garbage pick-up. He doesn't want to pay for disposal.

I'm calling the troll Mary. She visits from Kernersville, NC.

LostRoses said...

Oh, I've done that same haphazard stamp collecting too. It's the little pictures, for sure. I'm not selling mine at a garage sale but I probably should. I can't deal with all my stuff, someone else will have to do that when I'm dead.

chuck b. said...

Do you think I should keep the stamps and just focus on collecting garden-related stamps?

That's either a nice idea, or it's just too, too.

Blackswamp_Girl said...

Oh don't feed her, for pete's sake... when you feed trolls, they keep coming back! Maybe you could glue her fingers together with all of those extra stamps instead. That would keep her from using a keyboard at least.

If that one stamp is any indication, I'll agree with you on Australia having the best ones.

JvA said...

Keep your stamp collecting haphazard. Save the ones you like, whether they're garden related or not.

lisa said...

My sister gave me her old stamp collection, and I kept it going for years then finally sold it at a garage sale, and I kinda miss the little pictures. I say keep the ones you want, you could always use them to decorate something. (I have the carniverous ones on my fridge.) Nice troll food, BTW! If your neighbor thinks that broken concrete looks good, he could at least plant a desert scene with some cactus!

chuck b. said...

Lisa, that cat is toooo cute!

I think it might actually be enough to have blogged the stamps. I'll think about it for another week.

LostRoses said...

Well yeah, Chuck, we all need focus. I'd go for the gardening stamps. I do birds too. And some other creatures to justify collecting that Nature of America series.