The tiniest tomato

Carol, who throws off garden blog memes like a rainbird sprinkles water, has invented the Ritual of the Tiniest Tomato.

Here's my entry, from 'Early Cherry'.


Carol put her tomato up against a nickel and declared herself the winner. Well, I couldn't find a nickel this morning, but (ahem!) I'm pretty sure pennies and dimes are smaller... And the San Francisco subway token is smaller still. The diameter of the subway token easily exceeds the tomato's. Can you see?


Somehow this plate didn't make it into last week's garage sale. Now it's a ritual throne.


LostRoses said...

ROFL! I hope Carol doesn't hear me saying this but I think you win, chuck. Now you're going to have to save that plate for next year's ritual.

Carol said...

I hear that LostRoses! Game on!! I will find a smaller tomato, yes indeed. Stay tuned!!

Christopher C. NC said...

I think Chuck's is smaller. I will have my borrowed tiniest tomato posted a bit later.

Layanee said...

Yup, you win! That is one small tomato!

Annie in Austin said...

Your tomato is the tiniest, Chuck - but Christopher has a much cooler plate so he gets points for presentation.


lisa said...

Hahaha! Yours is definately the smallest, Chuck! (In what context would you ever imagine you'd be GLAD to hear that?! ;-)