Meet the new love of my life.

One of them anyway.


Ladies and germs, Ms. Penelope La Palma (Penny).


(Come back tomorrow and I'll introduce you to her sister Miss Patty La Quinta.)


Artemisia said...

OMG, she's cute! All ears!!

JvA said...


Pam/Digging said...

Very cute!

Annie in Austin said...

She's got such a sweet face!

lisa said...

Hooray for kitties! Very exciting, and I think it's cool you got two...they really keep each other company quite well. (My son has two cats.) Do you keep many plants in the house? Let's hope they don't get into them if you do...cats are harder to discourage than dogs. Even if they behave in your presence, mysterious things tend to occur when you're not around. ;-)