Monday morning kitten flick

We'll get back to gardening soon enough.


JvA said...

Oh, no -- Penny thinks my blog is boring.

I'll have to shoot a movie of the rats that frolic in downtown Seattle for her!

Phillip said...

Too cute! I have a female cat (Isabella) who will be 15 this year. She is still in very good health but I'm trying to prepare myself for that inevitable day. I will be a basket case when she is gone.

Layanee said...

That made me LOL especially the bored cat by the computer and the whip!

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Your two girls are very pretty and cute too. BTW you could have taken a pic of miss Patty now, no moving about just snoring. ;-)

I love tortie cats and have one myself. Little miss Penny is gorgeous too, she has very beautiful eyes.

BTW there's some kitten porn on my blog today.