Bloom Day...

and other points of interest in the garden this morning.

I didn't want to open the window to take these pictures from the bedroom because Guy was still in bed, and it's cool out. So, they're a little blurred.






































Link to last month's bloom day.
Link to Bloom Day High Command.


JvA said...

I never noticed that Alocacia in your yard before! Cool! Is it in a container that you'll bring indoors for the winter? I have one as a houseplant.

chuck b. said...

It's actually Colocasia (barely different), and it's been in the garden for awhile. I bought a couple of them a couple years ago, and I've moved them around a bunch. In the process of moving them, I've left behind some imperceptible bits, all of which apparently re-grew, and I now I actually have dozens of them. I leave them out all winter. It won't be a problem unless we have a hail storm. They hate hail.

We had an alocasia houseplant once, but it dripped excess water from its leaves onto the hardwood floor, and we hated that.

Pam/Digging said...

Man, I love all those succulents. And they really do look like flowers, don't they? Your garden is still looking great.

Christopher C. NC said...

I should be in bed by now but I did have to say how much I admire your lucious pots of succulents.

And I think you have the same deep blue Delphinium that I bought from Biltmore.

Artemisia said...

OMG how beautiful everything is in your garden! It's fantastic! Good job!

verobirdie said...

Your garden is quite spectacular. Thank you for sharing those pictures with us.

Layanee said...

I am LOL at that one succulent in that dish garden. You know the one I mean don't you? It is quite a little conversation piece and a credit to your horticultural skills! Good job! The rest of the pictures are great also. I like the haze in the 'through the window' pictures. It gives them and artsy quality.

greeny said...

WOW! I loved the pictues!
I have never really cared for succulents but after looking at how lovely they are in the dish garden, I think I may rethink my postion.
You have a great green thumb./

Carol said...

Bloom Day High Command? You made me laugh out loud. I'm still laughing. It's always fun to visit your garden, it is so different from my own, but in a good way.

Carol at May Dreams Gardens

chuck b. said...

Carol, what can I say? I'm so moved you remembered not to thank me for participating. :)

Greeny + Verobirdie + Artemisia + Pam, thank you.

Layanee, I'm glad my copper fire pan amuses you. It is probably time to rejuvinate that planting a little bit.

Christopher, I think that Delphinium was even called 'Deep Blue', or something like that.

Phillip said...

The succulents are so pretty. I have that same abutilon but I forgot to photograph it. I love all the oranges and blues. I'm working on an area in my garden where I want to feature those colors.

lisa said...

Your bloom day is a feast for the eyes! And your biodiversity rocks hard...I want a garden like yours when I grow up! Hey BTW...Mr Brownthumb alerted me to a site that's using my pictures and content, YOU were there, too: www.spongewire.com/Ruby-Network-Gardening/ And the irony is not lost on me that it's called SPONGEwire, cuz' that's what they're doing!

Annie in Austin said...

So that's what October can look like in your garden, Chuck? It's just beautiful. As Pam noted, your photos of succulents reminded me of flowers, too - I don't know if that similarity would be so apparent in spring, but the colors echo autumn flowers, so the flower look jumps out at this time of year.

Your colocasia experience is what happens in the north when people try to dig up and move Oriental Poppies... more poppies.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Ki said...

Spectacular photos. I didn't realize succulents wore fall colors too. I especially like the Lewisia though I'm envious that your's is in bloom and mine isn't.

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

What absolutely stunning succulents, I am so jealous..........lol........

Nicole said...

Those containers are inspiring me with ideas for my succulents.
I actually brought some succulent cuttings from my friends' gardens in SF. They caught but for some reason died, one by one. I'm thinking maybe I didn't keep them moist enough,after all its often rainy and foggy at my friends'. Love all the hot orange flowers, too.

Blackswamp_Girl said...

OMG. Those succulents are to die for! And the lewisia... and whatever that red-flowered salvia with the almost-black flower stems is... and... and...

And I've never wanted to garden anywhere other than Ohio before so much in my life. Damn you. :)

lisa said...

Kim, that's hilarious! I feel the same way, and it blows my mind how expensive California is to live in, not to mention the seismic potential with that entire coast being on a tetonic "ring of fire" and all...it's still "location, location, location" after all...*sigh*