Here are two people

that I have absolutely no interest in ever reading about or seeing pictures of, ever. For the rest of my life.

For whatever reason, the media seems intent on manufacturing and servicing a desperate need in the heart of every man, woman, and child for new news about John Kennedy and Jackie O.

I want to a lone voice speaking truth to power (into the ethereal nothingness of the Internet): No, I am not interested. I do not care. I have never cared. I will never care. Seeing pictures and headlines about these people make me want to flee. I very much doubt there are two people in the world that I would be less interested in reading about or seeing pictures of.

I just want that to be clear.


lisa said...

Heh...I like your honesty! I have no real interest in re-hashing this history of "might-have-beens" either. I mean, I was being fed in a high-chair when Kennedy was shot, so much of the emotional connection is lost on me. I'm just glad they finally used a computer to re-create the asassination so we can stop hearing about all THAT!

Anonymous said...

Yes! Thank you!

Especially her: what a waste of human cells. As far as I can see, she was nothing more than a hooker with a boarding-school education.

Anonymous said...

Amen yo - I hate the whole fn Kennedy Klan - Jawbones that look like cracked walnuts - Boorish Rich White Trash

Blackswamp_Girl said...

I didn't want to hear anything more about them until I read a trashy bio about JFK's womanizing and Jackie's homelife before marrying him. Now THAT was way more interesting that seeing two ridiculously photogenic people who were perfect in every way and *ahem* destined to save the world. (Or whatever.)