Oil spill

58,000 gallons of oil [approx. 1871 barrels] were spilled in to San Francisco Bay last night when a tanker collided with the Bay Bridge in fog.
"This is peak migration season for birds, and all the birdwatchers are excited about it - so it's at a particularly bad time," she said. Voice breaking with emotion, she added, "It's disturbing. These are all beaches that I love and spend a lot of time at."

Coast Guard officials said 16 beaches have so far been contaminated and closed off, and large patches of oil are floating on the bay. Beaches closed including Baker Beach, China Beach, Keller Beach, Point Isabel, Ferry Point, Caesar Chavez, Crissy Field and Fort Point.

Along Rodeo Beach in the Marin Headlands, National Park Service ranger Robert Del Secco kept visitors away from the beach, which is covered in dark clumps of oil.

The pungent oil scent can be smelled around the Bay Area.



Annie in Austin said...

Chuck, I heard the story on the radio and immediately thought of you. How perfectly dreadful.


germi said...

I'm heartsick.

San Francisco Bay is a jewel - a precious place - and knowing that it is a toxic mess and the wildlife that it supports is in danger ... I don't have the words, ChuckB.

I know how much you love your city, and your love for nature and the earth is evident all over your blog. I'm holding your hand right now.