The beaver dam has been a source of controversy for more than a month since the City Council considered euthanizing the family of beavers. However, public outcry caused the council to reconsider and they decided to relocate the animals instead.

After nearly a week of deliberation, and lengthy public discussion at the Nov. 7 City Council meeting, a decision was made to let the beavers stay for the time being, and to try and work out a way to peacefully coexist.

A beaver expert from Vermont has been hired, but cannot be in the East Bay city until January.


Vermont? Vermont?! We don't have any beaver experts in California? They have to be hired and flown in from Vermont?

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Randy (Internet Ronin) said...

Oh, ye of little faith! Of course we have beaver experts in California. But the ones from Vermont are very special beaver experts. (Translation: probably someone's brother or sister, cousin, or old friend and this way their trip out west is paid for by the taxpayers.) *LOL!*