"[H]ere is the banana tree, still standing tall, a week after Dad had passed away. The garden lives on. The dwarf avocado has a heavy crop. The guava he planted is 4 feet tall and blooming for the first time. The navel oranges are starting to ripen. And the green nubs of paperwhite daffodil leaves are beginning to push up through soil that finally got some rain last week. Life goes on, and spring is not so far away."


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lisa said...

What a nice story! That's the kind of life you can exit with a smile on your face, for sure! You know, I've never had a desire to be considered "immortal" or be remembered for doing "great" things, but the garden we leave behind does just that to one extent or another. Makes me happy to think that even as weeds overtake my lifelong efforts, animals and birds will still enjoy everything...to me, that's enough.