"Just three months after the wildfire, signs of life began poking from the blackened ground. Wildflowers unlike any they had seen began to bloom: whispering bells, yellow-throated phacelia, fire poppies and Michael's favorite, the foothill mariposa lily, among others."

Link (with beautiful pictures, some of which cannot possibly be related to the article).

And this: "The discovery of beauty in the ashes, Michael says, has become a lesson in moving past tragedy."

I suppose that's one way of looking at it.


lisa said...

Ack! The L.A. Times wants me to register in order to see the link. (Heh...word varif is "feblikus"...fabulous + ?) :)
("feeble+haikus"? "feeble + ruckus"? Oh God, don't get me started!)

Kirsten said...

Hey Lisa,

Check out www.bugmenot.com

You can type in any website you need a password for and they give you a list of logins and passwords you can "borrow" without having to register yourself!

chuck b. said...

I'm surprised they want registration. I that stopped. I haven't needed to sign in or register in a long time, and I know I keep clearing out all that cookie shit from my cache.

There are some really pretty flowers in there.

I wish I had Mentzelia lindleyi seed.