I've been without a car for a week, but the mechanic says it's ready to go and I'm off to pick it up. That'll be $1249, ladies and gentleman. New timing belt, new tensioner, radiator something, oil change. "Way to score those rewards points!" The mechanic's near Golden Gate Park, so this is the perfect opportunity for me to stroll through the Panhandle, one of my favorite places in San Francisco. I lived near here in 1990. I wished I'd come more often.

Memorials to unmemorable presidents...

panhandle 8

Big trees...

panhandle 4

and medium-big trees...

panhandle 5


panhandle 3

Some pick-up...

panhadle 2

Old hippies making music...

panhandle 7

Young hippies making art...

panhandle 1

And portals to other dimensions.

panhandle 6

Moving in to Golden Gate Park now.


ggp 1

I've actually never been to the fuchsia garden. October's a little late for fuchsia in San Francisco.

ggp 2

And it's the end of the road for Cosmos too.

cosmos 1

See you next year.

cosmos 2

How about some dahlias instead? We've got these for the rest of October, at least.

dahlia 1

dahlia 2

dahlia 4

dahlia 5

dahlia 9

dahlia 7

dahlia 8

dahlia 6

Dahlias are nice, but sometimes I feel they feel a little... overdetermined.

You know what I'm saying?

dahlia 3

The merry-go-round closes after Labor Day.


mgr 2


Okay, this became a serious diversion. The car is ready and I need to pick it up.

But first some cool oak trees,

oak trees

A pink house,

pink house

and some old folks lawn bowling.

lawn bowling 1

lawn bowling 2

Another short walk in Golden Gate Park here. Short walks in different San Francisco parks here and here.

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