Pictures of side yards, continued.

1 sideyard

2 sideyard

3 sideyard

4 sideyard

5 sideyard

6 sideyard

7 sideyard

8 sideyard

10 sideyard

The purple flowering bush on the left is Salvia leucantha, Mexican Bush Sage. A workhorse landscape plant in San Francisco if ever there was one. I mark it down in the "love" column, but I wish more people would give the native Wooly Blue Curls a whirl.

11 sideyard

A lot of people have that super-coiled hose. Is there some advantage to that hose? Or is it cheaper than the usual hose?

12 sideyard

This is English boxwood (Buxus sempervirens), which I was recently told is rarely used on the west coast. The Japanese boxwood (Buxus microphylla cv. Japonica) is more common here, but it cannot be grown into trees like in these two pictures. Not that you'd necessarily want to...

13 sideyard

14 sideyard

15 sideyard

Do you see something odd in this picture? (Scroll right if the whole picture doesn't fit in your browser.)

16 sideyard

This kind of garden maintenance is depressingly common.

17 sideyard

18 sideyard

19 sideyard

20 sideyard

21 sideyard

27 sideyard

29 sideyard

Here's an aerial shot of that garden so you can see the layout:

28 sideyard

30 sideyard

And here's a good place to wind it up--on the freakier side of San Francisco:

25 sideyard

23 sideyard

24 sideyard

22 sideyard

(Sorry in advance for the nightmares.)

The rest of them here.


Christopher C. in Hawaii said...

Thanks for the tours Chuck.

chuck b. said...

You're welcome; thanks for coming by!

Anonymous said...

What was up with that one picture you called out? I was hoping that someone was growing some sidewalk cannabis, but the stems looked too white.