Small side yards

are the rule in my neighborhood for front-of-the-house planting areas. Here are some I saw on my morning stroll.

It was raining so I had to cut it short.


I get a lot of visitors searching on "Princess Plant" (Tibouchina urvilleana). That's Princess Plant with the purple flowers. Another common name for Princess Plant is supposed to be Glory Bush. Heh, heh. It's definitely a workhorse landscape plant here. (And I would put it in the "love" column; I have one in my own garden.)

sideyard 2

sideyard 3

sideyard 4

sideyard 5

sideyard 6

"I woke up at six, peed, my water broke."

Just reporting what she said.

sideyard 7

Some houses have no side yard at all.

sideyard 8


sideyard 9

sideyard 10

sideyard 11

A much longer walk around the neighborhood here.

UPDATE: More side yards here. I don't know why I'm calling them "side yards". I made that term up.

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