Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone's having a nice day. We stayed home. We stayed home, and lied to our families. We told each set we were going to the other one's this year...and we stayed home.

Choosing to be honest and stay home would not be an okay option with my people. Very bad. Lots of guilt. Shame. Regret and disappointment. Bad, bad news.

Well, whatever! When you can't handle the truth, you end up getting lied to. That's life. I don't make the rules.

We had waffles for breakfast.


And then we snuggled on the couch and watched movies all day. X-Men 3 wasn't all that bad, and Monster House was great! Yeah, those kinds of movies.

Then I made dinner. Asparagus and potato pancake with Manchego cheese...


and a black bean and roasted corn salad with chiles and lime.


Now we're going to watch another movie. Syriana, I think.




Annie in Austin said...

The movies that you chose would put me to sleep faster than the stuff that's in turkey, but the vegetarian delights from your kitchen look fantastic.

We had roasted turkey, but the sweet potatoes were Cajun scalloped instead of drowned in butter and brown sugar.

Happy Thanksgiving from Annie

chuck b. said...

Yeah, I'm not the most sophisticated movie viewer. My favorites are old film noir, but Guy can't stand any movie more than 10 years old. Plus, he goes to the movies all the time, and I rarely do. So when we go to the movie rental place, it's kind of hard for us to find something we're both willing to see. I reject anything with big Hollywood stars--except Goerge Clooney. Love me some George Clooney.

Anyhow, I feel totally comfortable endorsing Monster House for everyone, except the littlest of movie-watching kids.

Dinner last night was delicious if I say so myself. I'm not a vegetarian, but my bf is so I've learned to cook lots of vegetarian stuff. That asparagus pancake is to die for, even if Manchego cheese is expensive. You can probably substitute some other cheese for the same effect. I'll post the recipe sometime.

Annie in Austin said...

Chuck, please do post the recipe sometime. I'm always in need of new cool recipes to make when it's my turn to have the Divas of the Dirt here for a garden project.

We saw Syriana when it was playing at the theaters... hope you enjoyed it. Yes, players on all teams, including those rapidly approaching Seniors Tour category, love them some George Clooney!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

lisa said...

How was Syriana? I love that Clooney too...he's one "silver fox" I could totally go for, along with Sean Connery...

chuck b. said...

I enjoyed Syriana for the atmosphere, but I didn't really follow the complicated plot. It's not like you really need to follow the plot to get the story tho'. It was alright.

If you want George Clooney cinematic dreaminess, I'd say Solaris is the better choice.