If I planted those geraniums, this is how I would have done it.

"I thought the outrage was misdirected and misplaced. The attention and money Simpson (and Fox) would have garnered from the deal are not half as outrageous as the fact that every day he walks free. The real outrage is the trial that declared him not guilty: the judge, a fool and incompetent whose love of publicity turned the trial into a circus; the defense lawyers, not one of whom could have doubted the man's guilt yet who cynically played on the jury's ignorance and latent racism to win a disgraceful verdict; the prosecutors, total incompetents who bungled a gimmie, then shamelessly cashed in afterwards; the media that turned the brutal deaths of two innocents into TV's first reality-show soap opera.

Worst of all was the jury, whose perverse verdict was the most brazen and lawless act of nullification since the heyday of Strom Thurmond. Sworn to uphold law, they decided instead to hold a private referendum on racism in the L.A. Police Department."



lisa said...

I couldn't agree more! The only upshot of this whole situation is that Simpson is obviously squirming and bursting to tell the truth. He may seem smug and pleased that he got away with it, but I think it's eating away at him like a gut full of maggots...I just wish he'd decay and blow away already!

chuck b. said...

I know.

It's painful to have him still popping up now and then.